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“Uniting Global Remote Working”

Our Mission is to make remote working more accessible for everyone who wants to enrich their life by living internationally. 


Our Vision is to grow and support local communities by uniting the largest global network of remote workers, creative nomads, avid travelers and their families.




Simply put, we want Zeal Remote (Zeal) to be a valuable and safe place for collaboration and innovation. Help us foster the growth & support of our global travel network. Post and contribute resources that are only your own IP and always follow the law. 


To achieve these goals we have formed these guidelines to make it clear and referenceable what you can expect from us, one another, and we of you to best harness the power of the global community that you’re contributing to as a member of Zeal.


Note that as the community grows and innovates so will these guidelines. Since one of our founding principles is to serve the needs & desires of those that shape our community, we welcome your feedback and contribution to advance these guidelines.




Membership Guidelines:


Zeal Remote is made up of a diverse community and we expect that other members aim to serve, support, and respect one another. We believe that together we are able to learn from one another and that in creating a better global remote working experience for all, all our lives will be enriched.


Our ask to members is to be:

  • Authentic: Foster meaningful and genuine interactions with the intention of serving your fellow members.

  • Collaborative: Share your experience, insights, and perspective to support one another, within reason.

  • Engaged: Actively participate in conversations and events within the communities and respond in a supportive, respectful manner. 

  • Action-Oriented: Knowledge is useless unless it is implemented. Take what is applicable to you and execute on it or solicit assistance to make an impact and difference in your business & the industry at large.

  • Relevant & Timely: Provide resources, conversations, and events that are appropriate and reflect the needs and demands of the market now instead of self-promoting old approaches to business.

We do not endorse or allow our members to:


  • Misguide or intentionally misdirect and harm another member or their business

  • Behave in a manner that is offensive, crude, abusive, racist, sexist, threatening or otherwise obscene

  • Create or post false information about their account or impersonate another member

  • Promote themselves, their products, businesses or otherwise in an intrusive, obnoxious or unethical manner

  • Break the law. We can’t always have a real-time pulse on local government laws, we ask that you abide by those first and foremost


Membership Standards. Zeal Remote reserves the right to suspend, remove, reject and deny membership access to members that do not comply with our membership standards or that do not meet Zeal community values by which you agreed to when becoming a member and which may be modified from time to time with or without notice.



Expert, Moderator and Ambassador Expectations

We believe that our Experts, Moderators and Ambassadors should be:


  • Professional: Condone themselves in a Professional Manner amongst their peers and members within the platform, associated networking events, online or in-person

  • Engaged: Actively contribute feedback, resources, attend events, and get involved to support the Zeal community and its members

  • Supportive: Contribute to the community without a conflict of interest or excessive self-promotion to members. This means disclosing related associations and memberships upon application to be an Expert.

  • Treated Equal: Commit to the same processes & procedures that members have in creating an event, sharing and promoting or selling resources, without special consideration or benefits.

  • Respect Community Privacy & Community Data: Adhere to our published Privacy Policy and do not leverage, utilize, provide or sell any member or community data without the explicit permission of Zeal Remote.



Event Guidelines & Rules


The events that Zeal hosts are intended to Educate, Empower & Engage the membership. For those hosting or participating in an event we simply ask that you abide be the following guidelines:


  • Submit for Approval: We ask those desiring to host an event, to complete and return an event-form to Zeal for approval before hosting it to the community.

  • Engage + Contribute: Attendees contribute questions, reading materials, videos, related articles, resources or otherwise that are relevant to the conversation and attendees. All attendees that actually show up, not solely register, will get the chat communication as a follow up to the event to network & review communication.

  • Take Action: The information is only as good as its application. Our hope is that each attendee is able to implement one finding from the event that benefits them and their business positively. 

  • Be Inclusive: Anyone is allowed to attend an event, even regional or topic-specific content. Our ask is that if it is limited to members that if you’re not able to attend you change our RSVP to allow someone else to attend, otherwise, everyone has access to all resources and information that can be pertinent and useful to them.

  • Be Respectful: Online or off treat your other members and peers with respect. Don’t diminish, speak over or down to, use foul language or otherwise poor behavior.

  • Event Waitlist: If there is a capacity to an event we ask that you sign up and joining the waiting list if it is full. If you know you are not able to attend please remove yourself as an attendee to allow another member to with sufficient notice so they can plan accordingly.

  • Commercial Content: If you’re creating the event to repurpose as paid content or are repurposing media from a Zeal event, we ask that you leverage our media kit and logo to affiliate Zeal with the content for internal and external exposure.

  • Regional Events: Attendees of in-person, regional events should ensure that the event location is safe and their behavior is condoned in a manner that is consistent with the Zeal guidelines established here.

  • And of course, have FUN! Remember we are Global Remote Workers so we’re supposed to be having fun, making deep and meaningful connections from around the world that last. 




Zeal Editorial Guidelines


Zeal is committed to its members and the industry to create and distribute quality content internally and across our associated channels.


For the betterment of all, we will:

  • Be accurate, unbiased and truthful with the content we create, publish, and distribute

  • Create content that Educates, Empowers, and Engages our membership for their personal and professional advancement

  • Publish content that is timely and relevant to the communities within our platforms

  • Repurpose and publish industry news and events that are of value to Communities

  • Develop and host events that are timely, relevant and impactful for attendees

  • Publish information and resources from our partners that is useful to our members


Editorial Standards. Zeal Remote (Zeal) reserves the right to reject and pull submitted content, events, or merchandise that does not comply with our editorial standards or that does not meet Zeal community values by which you agreed to as a member.


Zeal Marketplace Guidelines


Zeal allows Experts & Brands to promote and sell products such as white-papers, workbooks, case studies, videos, webinars, panels, conference tickets or recordings to the membership.


All marketplace listings must adhere to the following guidelines:


  • Listings must be relevant to the market and community

  • Listings must provide an accurate and truthful description of the product or service offered. Misleading listings will need to be reimbursed and adjusted before being permitted again. Three Strikes and you are out.

  • Listings may be modified or corrected in spelling or grammar to improve public presentation and perception on behalf of Zeal Remote and staff.

  • Zeal reserves the right to deny any listings if we have any reasonable concerns


The following types of listings can not be Posted or Sold:

  • Press Releases

  • Promotion of multi-level marketing offers

  • Assets that are not yours and are repurposed to appear as yours

  • Products/Services for consumer travelers - A Consumer-facing Zeal marketplace is coming for these types of postings

Thank you for engaging within these guidelines and supporting to "promote remote" in a collaborative manner. 

~ The ZEAL Remote Team

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