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A Complete Packing Checklist 

& Go-To Products for Remote Working

Introduction & Context


Congratulations, you're finally ready to go remote! Let's take a deep dive into what is needed to bring on an extended trip working abroad and what to leave at home. Length of stay and destination will dramatically influence your wardrobe choices. 


From our decades of collective experience, we have put together a comprehensive remote working packing checklist. Depending on your job and the knowledge you're seeking to engage locally, you will want to use this as a general guide and not a 'must-buy' list. 


Overall, consider this list as a launching point. It provides a general overview of types of products to be more comfortable, productive, and safe while traveling for longer durations. Do your research and see what preferences and styles work best for you!


Finally, do not feel like you need to have everything in your suitcase before getting to your destination. Yes, stores will have toothbrushes, underwear, sunglasses, and replacement flip-flops at your destination. Remember, part of the fun of adventure is immersing in other cultures, so leave room and weight in your luggage for the memorable gems you will pick up along the way!

Now, start personalizing this list to fit your needs. Even feel free to share your feedback, tips, recommended products, or categories for our team to consider incorporating here.  Send SUBJ: Recommendation to hello {at} zealremote dot com

Intro & Context
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Most airlines worldwide consider a standard checked bag to weigh less than 20 kilograms or about 44 pounds. Along with your one checked bag, you'll want to have one carry-on bag that goes on the plane with you. Each has its benefits, and we recommend what best will suit your lifestyle. That said, here are some highly adapted, refined, and recommended products we recommend you consider.

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Generally, the products are in ascending order with cheaper products on the left and more expensive on the right. 




Checked Luggage

A large, durable suitcase is ideal for large items and extra space.

Rolling Suitcases

Prefer to roll your heavier items, here are some great solutions.

Duffle Bags Luggage

Traveling lighter or wanting some flexibility, these duffles are great go-to duffels.

Computer Day Pack

Need to transport your work & play daily, here are some perfect tech-focused daypacks.



First, the primary thing to consider is the environment you'll be spending your time. However, be sure your preconceived notions of a place don't cloud your judgment—do your research about the exact places you know you'll be going.

The following are intended as a guide for an extended stay of personal items and clothes. These are your preference on style, number, and pairing but from experience here is what we have found works well.

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Tropical Destination

  • 8 pairs of underwear/bras

  • 4 pairs of socks

  • 8 t-shirts or tank tops 

  • 3 nice tops for warm weather

  • 6 pairs of athletic shorts/swimsuits

  • 3 nice pairs of shorts 

  • 1 pair of nice pants 

  • 1 pair of comfy pants

  • 1 warm sweatshirt 

  • 1 raincoat/light coat  

  • 3 pairs of Shoes—4 MAX! 

    • Every day Sandals (Flip flops or slides)

    • Every day nice Tennis shoes 

    • Athletic/Adventure shoes

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Winter Destination

  • 8 pairs of underwear/bras

  • 4 pairs of socks & 4 pairs of long socks

  • 6 long sleeve-shirts  

  • 4 nice tops or button-downs

  • 2 pairs of athletic shorts/swimsuits

  • 3 nice pairs of pants  

  • 1 pair of slacks 

  • 2 pairs of comfy pants or sweats

  • 3 warm sweatshirts or hoodies

  • 1 jacket coat  

  • 2x Beanies or Hats

  • Gloves - mid to heavyweight based on destination 

  • Scarfs - optional

  • 3 pairs of Shoes—4 MAX! 

  • Our recommended shoe setup is: 

    • Everyday sandals or slippers for around home

    • Everyday nice tennis shoes (Hopefully, you can find a style that can even work when getting dressed up for an occasion)

    • Every day athletic/adventure shoes (These are for running, hiking, and walking 

    • Dress Shoes


Optional & Helpful to Have for Daily Needs

From experience, when traveling around frequently, having a system to organize and easily access items is very useful and saves time and stress. Here are some optional but highly recommended helpful products to make your life easier & pack smaller.


Generally, the products are in ascending order with cheaper products on the left and more expensive on the right. 




Compression Packing Cubes
Travel Compression Bags
TSA Travel Locks
Neck Pillow
Compactable Pillow
Foldable Day Pack
Travel Tote (ie. Groceries or Random items)
Bathroom Tote 

Things to LEAVE at home:


X    Hiking Boots - Leave them behind unless you're going on a hiking trip. You'll be surprised at the adventures you can have in athletic shoes or flip-flops.

X    Yoga Mat - Unless you practice daily, you can skip bringing the mat. There are yoga classes in every corner of the world, and they'll provide the mat if you need a good stretch.

X    Some Amount of Toiletries & Beauty Supplies - You'll undoubtedly want deodorant and a toothbrush but try not to overdo it. There are pharmacies and corner stores in every country in the world, and you can always find lotion, lip balm, painkillers, or whatever you might need. If you have a specific beauty or health product that you rely upon, research to see how readily available it is at your destination

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After you pack, take 25-40% back out of your bag and put it in storage.


You can always buy those underwear, t-shirts, or a new pair of dress shoes wherever you are. You’ll often want to get local clothes to feel more comfortable and remember the trip too so leave room for those items as you travel around.